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Oil and Filter Change
3 months or 5000 km
Oil becomes contaminated depleting the additives and if left unchanged can damage engine.  Regular oil & filter changes prevent dirt and sludge build up inside the engine resulting in longer engine life, better performance, and better fuel economy.
Transmission Flush Service
2 years or 48,000 km
Automatic transmission can over heat.  Extreme heat breaks down the additives in the transmission fluid. This causes the fluid to be ineffective in protecting the internal part of the transmission.  Varnish causes values to stick resulting in pressure loss.  Premature wear and damage may result.  The service stores lubrication and protection.  The new filter traps contaminants.  Transmission performance normally improves and costly repairs are prevented.
Cooling System Service
2 years or 48,000 km

Additives in coolant break down resulting in loss of alkaline balance causing harmful calcium deposits to form in the cooling system.  This can cause the engine to overheat resulting in costly damage.  This can also cause the heater core to become clogged making the heating system of your vehicle inoperative.  The service restores your cooling system maintaining the effectiveness of engine cooling and the heater operation. 

Fuel System Service


2 years or 48,000 km


In some cases the service can improve these functions of your system.  Carbon builds up from fuel moisture.  The carbon blocks injectors and intakes causing an inefficient fuel burn process.  Clogged injectors reduce acceleration, performance, and fuel economy.  The service restores performances and fuel efficiency.
Power Steer Flush
2 years or 48,000 km
Additives in fluid break down, varnish coats seals causing the power steering pump to overwork.  The steering system loses flexibility and develops noise.  The flush removes contaminants from the fluid and restores flexibility.  A conditioner works to rejuvenate power steering pump and greatly reduces pump "whine".

Any of the above services, if neglected, can reduce fuel Economy.

An ounce of prevention from a man named Jensen will save you a pound of cure.

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